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August 22, 2008

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August 20, 2008
  • "I wanted to build a better
    receiver mixer and an additional MOSFET PA with up to 10W output power which could be activated when
    a stronger transmitted signal would be desirable. The project was named TRX7.
    Another idea was to try to simulate the various subcircuits of the transceiver and to compare simulated and
    measured results. I have used the free Evaluation Version 8.0 of PSpice. I hope that some readers of this
    report might be stimulated to try simulation for the development of their own circuits.
    I would like to thank the following amateurs at our club station DK0MN: Rainer Beer, DL7BER, for lending
    me his NorCal 40A; Heinz Trapmann, DL6MHT, and Ben Buettner, DL6RAI, for sharing with me the"

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August 19, 2008

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August 18, 2008
  • "1. Bloglines citations, one way to reveal the blog commentary that's been written about the current page.

    2. citations, which shows the bookmarking history for the current page.

    3. Post to, which populates the posting form. Note that unlike the standard bookmarklet available here1, this version grabs your selection and puts it into the notes field on the form. I've been meaning to mention that because when I've shown this in screencasts, people have wondered how it's done.

    4. Quote from a blog, which lifts text from a page and formats it for posting to a blog, along with attribution and a link. Because this version uses an advanced Mozilla-only technique described here, though, you might rather use the version that Phil Windley discussed here. "

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