links for 2008-09-24

September 24, 2008
  • "For QRP Amateur Radio use. This passive CW filter (PCWF) goes between your HF receiver and an 8-ohm speaker or headphones. Features an 750 Hz center-frequency, 500 Hz LC band-pass design, utilizing three high-permeability cores. Parts assemble on PCB; no batteries are required; and assembly time is about 30 minutes. No battery Maw! Cat# XS-PCWFK $19.95"
  • "In a recent QST, a New Product announcement described a passive bandpass CW filter from the Xtal Set Society (don't be fooled by the name). What caught my eye was the fact the filter could be configured for SSB (as shown in the left photo). A quick look on their web site confirmed this, and that it was designed by Phil Anderson, WØXI, of Kantronics fame. It cost all of $19.95 plus shipping. It took two days to reach me via priority mail."

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