links for 2008-09-24

September 25, 2008
  • "This switch and the Selectivity/Frequency controls
    adjust the response of the main filter (all but the Aux
    Notch). PEAK (band-pass) passes a narrow band of
    frequencies, and rejects others — just the opposite of
    NOTCH. LOWPASS passes low frequencies, while
    rejecting high frequencies (e.g. hiss). HIGHPASS is
    the opposite of LOWPASS: it passes high frequencies,
    while rejecting low frequencies. An exception occurs
    at high selectivity, where LOWPASS and HIGHPASS
    take on some of the characteristics of PEAK."
  • "An acoustic high-pass filter may be constructed simply by inserting a "T" junction, or a short side branch into the duct. If both the radius and the length of the side branch are smaller than a wavelengths of the plane waves in the duct then the acoustic impedance of the side branch opening becomes "

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