links for 2009-04-20

April 21, 2009
  • "Keywords
    Adamstown, Pennsylvania;
    All Music Guide (;
    Architects, Architecture;
    Architectural salvage;
    Barger, Jorn;
    Civil Liberties, Civil Rights;

    ABSTRACT: WEB SIGHTINGS reviews of NYC Surveillance Camera Project (; Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus (; (; The On-Line Books Page (; Ed Donaldson Hardware Restorations (; All Music Guide (; Rotten Tomatoes (; Robot Wisdom ("

  • Keywords Blogs; Internet; Communications; Hourihan, Meg; Kottke, Jason; Pyra; E-mail ABSTRACT: DIGITAL CULTURE about Meg Hourihan, and blogging (making a diary-like hyperlinked log) one's discoveries on the net. . . Meg is one of the founders of a company called Pyra, which produces an Internet application known as Blogger. Blogger, which can be used free on the Internet, is a tool for creating a new kind of Web site that is known as a "weblog," or "blog," of which Megnut is an example. A blog consists primarily of links to other Web sites and commentary about those links. . . Jason Kottke, a Web designer from Minneapolis who maintains a site called, is widely admired among bloggers as a thoughtful critic of Web culture. (On the strength of the picture transmitted by his Webcam, he is also widely perceived as very cute. If you read around…"

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