links for 2009-06-28

June 29, 2009
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    # General Questions

    * Do I need to have a gmail account to use Google Spreadsheets?
    * How can I switch off the autosave option
    * How can I have more than 100 rows ?
    * The format I want is not in the menu. What can I do?
    * How can I create a custom format ?
    * I have opened up a spreadsheet and it is totally black.
    * How does the autofill feature work?
    * How do I hide the gridlines.
    * Can I use names for ranges?
    * How can I make an email address live/clickable?

    # Time and date related questions.

    * How can I calculate working times ?
    * How can I get the local time/date for my timezone?
    * How can I format time without hours?
    * How can I format time values without the seconds ?
    * How can I add times ?
    * How can I display time values which are over 24 hours ?
    * How to display the day of the week ?

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    .nolist ; We don't want to actually include defs in our listing file.
    .include "" ; defines all the pins on the Mega168 so we can
    ; use them by their names rather than addresses (not fun).

    .list ; We DO want to include the following code in our listing ;D

    rjmp main ; You usually place these two lines after all your
    main: ; directives. They make sure that resets work correctly.

    ldi r16,0xFF ; LoaD Immediate. This sets r16 = 0xFF (255)
    out DDRB,r16 ; Out writes to SRAM, which is one way of accessing
    ; pins. DDRB controls PORTB's in/out state.

    ldi r16,0x00 ; r16 is where we'll store current LED state
    ; 0x00 means all off. This is preserved over loops.

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    Again I love your writting and how you find interesting "things" to take a look at. My fathers family worked for Crane and Co. for generations. My grandmother, great grandparents and great great grandparents as well as many assorted aunts and uncles are burried in Dalton in a family plot awarded to the family years and years ago as a "perk" of working for the mills. I have spent endless afternoons sifting through the old hand written birth and death records in Dalton doing family research and indeed I have been to the museum. A small but interesting place…. the size of the museum does not do the mills justice… there is so much the mills and the crane's have done for that small community than can be depicted in that tiny building.

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