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August 25, 2009
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    * An EC2 account. Click on the sign-up for ec2 button.
    * Download the ec2 tools.
    * Generated an ec2 keypair.

    to build an EC2 LAMP Server.
    cd .ec2

    a lot of ec2 stuff happens in the .ec2 directory.

    To list the possible servers that you can set up run:
    ec2-describe-images -a

    I ran
    ec2-describe-images -a | wc -l

    and got 1477 possible servers. Some are Windows.

    Let’s say we see this listing:
    IMAGE ami-1539dc7c level22-ec2-images/ubuntu-8.04-hardy-20080205a.manifest.xml

    to start up the ubuntu server listed above type:
    ec2-run-instances ami-5647a33f -k ec2-keypair

    run this command:

    We should see either “pending” or the actual instance running with its FQDN listed in the 4th column. An example FQDN is this:

    go to:

    we should see a webserver.

    ssh -i ec2-keypair

    we’ll get the root prompt:



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