links for 2009-09-12

September 13, 2009
  • <blockquote>
    <p class="story"><b>Our national health care solution should look more like the MEMIC model and not Dirigo.</b> We should create five or ten regional private mutual insurance companies offering identical benefits. To continue being subsidized by the government, however, these companies would be required to measurably improve wellness and health outcomes as well as cost containment. They should be governed by people who pay insurance premiums which would help provide both the accountability and outcomes we all desire – lower costs and universal access to coverage. </p><p class="story">Accordingly, any solution that does not perform as promised should be modified or eliminated. Perhaps that is a reasonable prescription for Dirigo. </p><p class="story">Tony Payne</p><p class="story">Executive Director</p>
    <p class="story">Alliance for Maine's Future</p><p class="story"></p>

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