links for 2009-09-18

September 19, 2009
  • <blockquote>
    <p>So let’s get going. SuperCollider is my tool of choice here. I start with a simple waveform. I want to use a sawtooth wave as the oscillator source, it has a rich and harmonic spectrum consisting of even and odd partials. I’ll want to filter the upper partials later on. Here is some beginning code:</p>
    //30 oscillators together, distributed across the stereo field
    var numVoices = 30;
    //generating initial random fundamentals:
    var fundamentals = {rrand(200.0, 400.0)}!numVoices;
    var freq = fundamentals[numTone];
    rrand(-0.5, 0.5), //stereo placement of voices
    numVoices.reciprocal //scale the amplitude of each voice

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