links for 2009-09-27

September 28, 2009
  • <blockquote>
    //dirt cheap wireless TX
    //generates 38kHz carrier wave on pin 9 and 10
    //sends data via TX every 500ms
    void setup()
    pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
    pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

    // Clear Timer on Compare Match (CTC) Mode
    bitWrite(TCCR1A, WGM10, 0);
    bitWrite(TCCR1A, WGM11, 0);
    bitWrite(TCCR1B, WGM12, 1);
    bitWrite(TCCR1B, WGM13, 0);

    // Toggle OC1A and OC1B on Compare Match.
    bitWrite(TCCR1A, COM1A0, 1);
    bitWrite(TCCR1A, COM1A1, 0);
    bitWrite(TCCR1A, COM1B0, 1);
    bitWrite(TCCR1A, COM1B1, 0);

    // No prescaling
    bitWrite(TCCR1B, CS10, 1);
    bitWrite(TCCR1B, CS11, 0);
    bitWrite(TCCR1B, CS12, 0);

    OCR1A = 210;
    OCR1B = 210;


    void loop()
    Serial.println("testing testing testing");


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