links for 2010-01-09

January 10, 2010
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    Part I History and principles

    Chapter 1 SOA essentials
    Brief history of distributed computing
    The promise of web services for delivering SOA
    Understanding the core characteristics of SOA
    Technologies of a SOA platform
    Introducing a SOA maturity model

    Chapter 2 Defining the Open SOA Platform

    Part II Assembling components and services
    Chapter 3 Creating services using Apache Tuscany
    Chapter 4 Advanced SCA

    Part III Business process management
    Chapter 5 Introducing jBPM
    Chapter 6 jBPM tasks
    Chapter 7 Advanced jBPM capabilities

    Part IV Event stream processing, integration, and mediation
    Chapter 8 Complex events using Esper
    Chapter 9 Enterprise integration and ESBs
    Chapter 10 ESB implementation with Apache Synapse

    Part V Enterprise decision management
    Chapter 11 Business rules using JBoss Drools
    Chapter 12 Implementing Drools

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    After the westbound train has passed the "cleared" signal (i.e. signal L88), it moves into the interlocking limits, it is now occupying the detector track circuit. The signal now automatically returns to stop, and the field equipment will indicate to the control machine that the detector track circuit is occupied and that the home signal is at stop.
    Once the last car has cleared the interlocking limits and is no longer occupying the detector track circuit, the dispatcher will send out the control code for switch 87 to throw to the normal position. After the switch has thrown to the normal position and indicated to the control machine that it has responded, the dispatcher will clear signal R88 for the eastbound train to proceed. The signal system will check several conditions to insure that the track conditions are safe for the eastbound to proceed:

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