links for 2010-04-21

April 22, 2010
  • How do you decide which Windows XP updates to install and which *not*
    to install.
    The error was missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe.
    I tried a repair reinstall of Windows. That didn't work.
    Then I did a complete reinstall. That worked, but of course I lost all
    my installed applications.
    (Before I did any of the installs I used my Wubi Ubuntu install to
    copy the complete disk contents to an external disk)
    I installed Chrome and Firefox and a few other things and then shut
    the machine down for the night. It had 70 or so updates to install and
    I went ahead and let them install.
    The next morning I got exactly the same missing or corrupt ntoskrnl.exe error.
    I used Linux for about a week.
    Tonight I finally decided to look into it again. I found a Youtube
    video describing how to replace ntoskrnl.exe from the XP CD ( )
    cd windowssystem32
    expand e:i386ntoskrnl.ex_
    And here I am.

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