links for 2010-10-11

October 12, 2010
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    Of East Indian origin, Kumar, his wife, Daljeet, and a young daughter, Meena, move into Tollington, a small mining community in Britain. Daljeet subsequently gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby boy. This is the place where Meena grows up. Things change in Meena's life when the Rutters move into their neighborhood. Anita Rutter is around Meena's age. She is tall, blonde, and very attractive – all attributes that Meena envies and longs for. Meena wants desperately to be accepted by Anita and her circle of friends. She even invites Anita to her house for supper. Things change dramatically when the Kumar's family friend, Mr. Bhatra, is assaulted by a gang; the visit of Meena maternal grandmother; and Meena's subsequent discovery as to what views Anita and her friends have about her and her family. Written by rAjOo (

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