links for 2011-01-26

January 27, 2011
  • <blockquote><p>
    Tasty Labs, a coy startup with all-star founders, is out to prove a new wrinkle in the social uses of the Internet – stating and satisfying most all our desires.</p><p>Based in one room in a Palo Alto garage – does the city subsidize garages so people can still say they started in one? – Tasty Labs wants to create a marketplace or forum in which people can state their needs and available talents. By employing relationship and ratings algorithms, the idea runs, Tasty Labs can enable people to satisfy needs from “a good place for a business dinner” to “a great Perl programmer” or “figure out schools selection” by getting tips from trusted sources.
    </p><p>That is an important service that hasn’t yet been worked out by the likes of Facebook or Quora. Tasty Labs is meant to be targeted and will involve specific reviews of the recommendations after the fact.

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