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November 27, 2009
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    The first thing I did was create a "<span style="font-weight: bold;"></span>" module with several helpful classes. These allow you to:<br><ol><li>Log in</li><li>Gather all Google Contacts into separate groups</li><li>Selectively narrow down the contacts in a group</li><li>Gather the phone numbers that you have entered </li><li>Send SMS messages</li><li>Place Calls</li></ol>I am by no means a seasoned Python developer, but what I have created works well for my purposes. I tried to make the classes as loosely coupled with the UI as possible in case I want to put a GUI around it sometime, but for now I am doing everything at the command line (which I often prefer).

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November 16, 2009
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    An electric motor in 10 minutes
    Fun with High Voltage
    A 10 minute railgun
    A 30 second motor
    Listening to magnetism
    A plastic hydrogen bomb
    Building your own solar battery
    Building a Hydrogen Fuel Cell
    Homemade Batteries
    Collecting Chemical Elements
    A quick and simple radio
    Building a radio in 10 minutes
    Build a portable crystal radio
    A radio out of household items
    A simple AM transmitter
    The Three-Penny Radio
    A Bernoulli levitation ball
    A Homemade Vacuum Pump
    A Classic Propellor Toy
    Light and optics:
    Simple laser communicator
    Make a solar hotdog cooker
    A solar powered marshmallow roaster
    Extracting DNA in your kitchen
    A Geodesic Dome
    A Homemade Microgram Balance
    Computers and Electronics:
    A Computer Controlled Transmitter
    A Free Space Laser Data Transmitter
    Fun With Solderless Breadboards
    A Simple 1 Watt Amplifier

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