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February 10, 2010
  • <pre>
    Robert Tinker, The Concord Consortium
    Mitch Resnick, MIT
    Sherry Hsi, Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California Berkeley
    Bob Panoff, Shodor Foundation
    Christine Cunningham, Engineering is Elementary, Museum of Science
    Danny Edelson, National Geographic
    respondent: Marcia Linn

    Matthew Stone, Rutgers University
    Mike Clancy, University of California Berkeley
    Jill Denner, Education, Training, Research Associates
    John Jungck, Beloit College, BioQuest [tentative]

    respondent: Uri Wilensky

    Deanna Kuhn, Columbia University
    Taylor Martin, The University of Texas at Austin
    Ursula Wolz, The College of New Jersey
    Peter Henderson, Butler University
    Idit Caperton, World Wide Workshop

    Stephen Uzzo, New York Hall of Science
    Joyce Malyn-Smith of EDC
    Walter Allan, Foundation for Blood Research/ Ecoscience Works ITEST
    Jeri Erickson, Foundation for Blood Research/ Ecoscience Works ITEST
    Jim Slotta, University of California Berkeley

    (list cut short)

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