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  • 1. created mathematical models of data coming from mobile devices and an algorithm that analyzed this data from his sample of 100 students and could predict what each would do next. ..he has been working with much larger mobile data sets from up to 250 million people in Europe, Asia, and Africa to help telecom companies ..understand their customers and .. create a model of contagion dissemination.

    2. past two years in Kenya. The majority of the mobile phone user market lives in developing countries and is under-served, a condition which motivated MIT to start EPROM, Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles, to make sure computer science students in Africa learn how to program mobile phones. ..describes 2 .. projects… – one in which mobile text messaging has been used for hospital blood supply management across the country and a second in which an SMS bulletin board was created allowing low-end mobile handsets to access web content similar to craigslist."

    "For readers, the Internet is an embarrassment of riches, with thousands of pages of new text t sift through daily. Thank goodness, then, for "weblogs," sites that scour the Web for interesting prose and data. What elevates Robot Wisdom above other weblogs is the catholicity of its creator, Jorn Barger, who has a healthy appetite for everything from literature to science. The result is a world defined by Barger's curiosity, in which an article about a grand plan to film all nineteen Beckett plays sits comfortably alongside a report on post-Chernbyl cleanup efforts."
  • We think of the natural world as infinite and treat information as scarce. It should be the other way around.
    "The openness of the digital commons has created abundant and freely available social value but not a way to monetize it. In the talk from the 2008 Emerging Communications Conference, Michel Bauwens of the P2P Foundation asks: to which degree are the interests of peer producing and sharing communities both similar but also divergent with the owners of the infrastructures and the proprietary platforms? Can we find a way that satisfies both communities and corporations? the founder of the Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives which researches and promotes peer to peer alternatives in all areas of social life. He is a Belgian national now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand, animating a global cybercollective from this tropical mountain city which is at the epicenter of the Asian Renaissance. Before, he was a serial internet entrepreneur in his native country, activ…"

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  • "Keywords
    Adamstown, Pennsylvania;
    All Music Guide (;
    Architects, Architecture;
    Architectural salvage;
    Barger, Jorn;
    Civil Liberties, Civil Rights;

    ABSTRACT: WEB SIGHTINGS reviews of NYC Surveillance Camera Project (; Plumb Design Visual Thesaurus (; (; The On-Line Books Page (; Ed Donaldson Hardware Restorations (; All Music Guide (; Rotten Tomatoes (; Robot Wisdom ("

  • Keywords Blogs; Internet; Communications; Hourihan, Meg; Kottke, Jason; Pyra; E-mail ABSTRACT: DIGITAL CULTURE about Meg Hourihan, and blogging (making a diary-like hyperlinked log) one's discoveries on the net. . . Meg is one of the founders of a company called Pyra, which produces an Internet application known as Blogger. Blogger, which can be used free on the Internet, is a tool for creating a new kind of Web site that is known as a "weblog," or "blog," of which Megnut is an example. A blog consists primarily of links to other Web sites and commentary about those links. . . Jason Kottke, a Web designer from Minneapolis who maintains a site called, is widely admired among bloggers as a thoughtful critic of Web culture. (On the strength of the picture transmitted by his Webcam, he is also widely perceived as very cute. If you read around…"

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